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 Kids Youtubing ( 10-Month Program )

Parents, do you watch youtube videos ? How often ? Everyday ? 

Next question, do you upload videos to youtube ? If no , why ? 

The next big media will be videos. The rise of videos had actually helped a lot of businesses, communities and even individuals. 

So, what is this kids youtubing all about ? 

Doing what you love is not a luxury anymore. It is a necessity. The future trend is moving towards digital. We have been conducting Kids Public Speaking classes since 2014, and had taught more than 1000 kids to speak on stage. 

Video is just a tool to help them find their voice. 

Youtubing is just a term. More importantly, we help them find their voice and rhythm in life. What will they learn in this 10-Month program. Skills which are very useful in the future :-  

- collaboration with their teammates
- learn to communicate in front of a camera

- video editing 
- receive feedback and critics in their channel
- learn to communicate with teammates
- real-life-experience

- and many more ..  

Details :

Location : Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Starting : ( Kindly contact us ) 
Program : Kids Youtubing

Every week : 90 mins
Age : 7 - 12 years old 
Email : 

We only take in 10 pax per slot and is on a first come first serve basis. Register early to book your slot. Email us and we hope to see your child in our program. 


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Contact us at :

(  Fill up the contact us box below with the SUBJECT "Kids Youtubing" and we would send the details to you. )

For kids 7 - 12 years old. 



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Online On-Demand Course

We just launched our online on-demand kids youtubing course in Nov 2020. 

What is inside ?

- 6 comprehensive self-learn, easy to follow videos for them to start on this youtuber journey. You can play these videos as many times as you like depending on your child's learning pace. More importantly, is to take action after watching.

Why kids youtubing ?

- Youtubing is just a term. The main skill here is to learn how to film and edit videos. Thereafter, to have a youtube account and start them on this exciting journey.

Is film-making an important skill ?

- Are you watching videos every week ? Even to be more precise, every day ? If the answer is yes, then, the answer is yes. This kids youtubing beginner class is even suitable for parents who wants to start on a journey in making videos.


Learn together with your child.


Come join us in this journey. We have a special 33% discount off normal price till 31 Dec 2020.


Let's start on this journey and see you inside.


Link :

Discount code : youtubing2020


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