Want to share your stories ? 

We believe there are many stories out there which are worth sharing. Have you child accomplish something ? Or a certain act which inspires people ? Or just a simple gesture which has impact to people lives ? 

If yes, drop us a message at the contact box below and we will would love to interview your child. 

This is a new program, which is a podcast. Though it will not be a live radio (with frequency), but the interview in audio form will be uploaded live to social media. 

Let's share stories that can make a difference. 


Cherry Ho - Host ( Mandarin )

Johan Ooi - Host ( English )

Kids Lion Dance Champion :

Wei Tai & Wei Han

Kids Public Speaking Champion :

Candy Lee

Kids Astro Singing Champion ( 2003 ) :

Shi Shi 

Kids Cheerleading Champion :

Siti Hajar

Kids Kindness Project :


Mom's sharing : 

Peggy Tan

If you feel there are stories out there worth sharing, do drop us a message below. It could be stories by :

- Kids

- Educators

- Mommies 

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