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 Kids Tasty Speech ( 2-Day )

Restaurant Game ! Online ! Come on, is getting boring. Let's make it REAL. Introducing our Kids Tasty Speech Program, where your child will : 

- Greet the customers when they come in.
- Introduce to them the food and beverages available. So they are the WAITER / WAITRESS.
- Get feedback from customers on their level of service. Means people will rate them.
- Collect money from the customers when they ask for the bill. 

Basically, there will be 10 kids who will practically run the restaurant, except for cooking the food and preparing the drinks. What will they learn ? Skills which are very useful in the future :-  

- collaboration with their teammates
- learn to communicate with customers
- receive feedback and critics if there is any
- learn to communicate with teammates
- real-life-experience

- live finale public speaking presentation in front of their parents after the "tasty speech" event. 

Details :

Location : Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Starting : Aug 2017 ( 2 days program )
Program : Kids Tasty Speech
Age : 9 - 12 years old 
Email : 

Finale will be at a REAL Restaurant. 

If your child is up for this program, we would love them to join. Johan Speaking Academy programs has impacted the lives of 1000 kids thus far, training them to be a better speaker and a more confident communicator. We only take in 10 pax for this program and it is first come first serve basis. Register early to book your slot. Email us and we hope to see your child in our program. 


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At a actual restaurant

Kids Tasty Speech
Kids Tasty Speech
Kids Tasty Speech
Kids Tasty Speech
Kids Tasty Speech
Kids Tasty Speech
Featured in Berita Harian
Kids Tasty speech
Kids Tasty speech
Kids Tasty speech

Contact us at :

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For kids 7 - 12 years old. 


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