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Founder Johan Ooi's Story


I was in the room alone. The aircond was blowing and my mind was thinking. Then i look at the clock, it was 9.30a.m, and as usual, the doctor will come in around this time to take my blood. It has been 3 days and i am not out from the hospital yet. A single mosquito bite changed my life. 


Nov 20
I had high fever for 2 days. To me, few aspirins will take care of it. But i was helpless, just lying on the couch with no energy. I was preparing to teach my students on Nov 22, 2014 , a class called kids public speaking, but I was so weak and helpless. I was doing this part-time while running my social media business. 


Nov 21
I struggled to get through the day. The heat from my body became worst. I asked my partner,Cherry, "Are the materials ready? What about the workbooks ? What about their teabreaks ? Have you bought the cakes and bread ?"


She said,"We need to go buy some food for them". "Let's go then" We went to the supermarket near my house. 


When i got back, it was almost 9.00pm. I was in the lift, i felt something "moving" in my stomach, Growl Growl. The lift opened, I ran up as fast as a lightning to my house, opened the door and pushed the toilet door open. I Vomited. My dad literally have to "drag" me to the hospital. I told him NO ! I got a class tomorrow and that i have to teach. 


"Cancel the class!". 
"I can't. The kids are all waiting for me. The parents signed-up knowing that i am suppose to be the teacher"


In the end, i have to give in and went to Selayang Hospital. The doctor took my blood and asked me to go home. "We will monitor you again, suspected to have dengue".


We went back and i slept ...12++ midnight ( Nov 22 )


Nov 22

8.30a.m , i struggled to wake up. I asked Cherry to go to the venue first. I will reach later. Took me all my might to drive there and when i reach the venue, there was a walking zombie. And IT'S ME ! Trust me, you should see the confusion from the parents' looks when they first talk to me. 


9.30a.m, Class starts


12.00p.m , Lunch break. I "collapsed" in the car. You know you can't hold on any longer when your body tells you NO.


Drove home and asked my dad to bring me to the hospital. We went to KPJ Tawakal Hospital. Dengue fever. 


- Dot Dot Dot -


A "wake up" call asked me, " What have you been doing all this while ? What are you suppose to do next ? Why are you here in this world ? What are you truly passionate about ? 


These few questions kept popping in my mind, while my blood platelet moves like a roller coaster, going up and down, i took the 3 days in the hospital to reflect my journey in life. And in the end, i knew i had to served and do something that is bigger than myself. 


That was the start of Kids Public Speaking. 

Why we do, What we do ? 

The Happy Faces and the Satisfaction You Get.

A picture tells a thousand words. Their smile and laughter brings joy to our lives. 


When we started this journey, we followed our passion and along the way, we made a difference in every child that step into our academy.  Thank you so much for all the support & believe from parents, friends and families.    

Some of the amazing stories of our students

"Wow, you have a YouTube Channel !" That is amazing for a kid like you. 


He is my first student that i come across who has a YouTube account. And to me, he will be alright when he speaks on stage. 


Sunway Lagoon Brand Ambassador Program

He was running around happily, waiting for his turn. And the time came, he stumble his words. Then he started to ... 


Gardens Theatre Foyer

He was prepared because he had the courage to try one more time on the outdoor activity. He came and was ready. And then he .... Mom came to me and Cherry and had a long chat with us. How? How? How?


Ikano Shopping Centre

This boy never gives up. He took on the challenge again and came for a third time. 

This time word by word, seconds by seconds the clock tick, and YES !! He finally made it. He ran down the stage and hug his mom. This time, it was tears of JOY. 


Well done Bosco



The first time i saw her was in Dec 2014. She was a sweet girl. She came in for our 1  1/2 days workshop.  I remembered her because she was the only girl who tried her speech in Malay language. 


She came to another 1 1/2 days workshop in 2015. 


I thought that was it. But her parents' dedication and determination for their child's improvement made them signed-up for our weekly program. And yes, they have to travel every week for about 180km to-and-fro to attend the class. 


From malay speech, to mandarin speech, to mandarin poem and then english speech. Her remarkable journey was not only travelling on road but her progress week by week made her a better speaker. 


That is her picture. 


Congrats Lai Xin Yi

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