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Online Kids Public Speaking

With the recent covid-19 outbreak, we have the option for parents to choose our ONLINE kids public speaking classes.  

The modules used for PHYSICAL kids public speaking classes and also ONLINE kids public speaking classes are the same. Thus, rest assured results are proven.  

Online kids public speaking are for kids age 5 to 12 year old. 

How long are the classes :

Duration : 35 mins 

When : Depends on the availability of the teacher. 

Max number of kids per class : 4 to 5 pax. Sometimes could be more, if there are more students, there will be 2 teachers inside and kids will be put into break-out rooms. 

How long : Your child will go through 6 online classes + 1 online graduation ( Each module ).

Modules : 

Level 1 

1) Kids Storytelling

2) Kids Dream Job

3) Kids Brand Ambassador

Level 2 : 

1) Kids Motivational Speech

2) Kids Presidential Speech

3) Kids Product Review

Level 3 


We have 3 types of ONLINE Kids public speaking classes. 

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1. Online Kids Public Speaking with LIVE teacher in the zoom room

Online Kids Public Speaking Johan Speaki
Online Kids Public Speaking Johan Speaki
Online Kids Public Speaking Johan Speaki
Online Kids Public Speaking Johan Speaki
Online Kids Public Speaking Johan Speaki

Testimonials by parents

2. Online Home D.I.Y Edition 

What does this mean ? 


This is also an ONLINE classes, with on-demand videos. 

Benefits : 

1. You can watch it with your child as many times as you wish.

2. This is for kids age 7 - 10 years old.

3. You can use any device to watch ( laptop, desktop, phone or tablet )

4. All are pre-recorded videos with self assignment for your child to do. 

How does it work ? 

This is a 1-year annual subscription base. 

Objective :

The main purpose is to build your child confidence through public speaking at their own pace and learning curve. Of course the goal is to do 1 speech per month, but take it easy. The most important thing is to have fun and also do this together with them. 

Join now :

Online Kids Public Speaking Home DIY Edi
Online Kids Public Speaking Home DIY Edi

3. Online School Holiday Program  

Cinematic Workshop

We will update as the time comes..


4. Speaker Warrior Club  

Johan Speaking Academy has launched a new project which is called Speaker Warrior. 

What is it actually? 
- this is 100% online via zoom / meet
- a club where the kids / teens will meet only 1 ( ONCE ) a month
- the meeting duration is 75 mins - 90 mins
- for kids/teens age 9 - 13 years old( Intermediate)

What do they do during the club meeting ? 
- there will be 3 prepared speech where kids/teens will prepare upfront before coming to the meeting and will present their speeches.
- 6 role players, where they take up roles and will also have a chance to present, while learning speaking and listening skills.
- games session where they will also speak-up. 
The objective is to provide a constant platform for kids/teens to continue speaking ( monthly ), and also network with like-minded people. 
If you have not join/experience before, you are welcome to join as a 1st timer guest. 

What is in this meeting ? Experience :
- impromptu speech
- games
- listen to prepared speeches
- learn listening skills
- learn public speaking skills through evaluation.
Come in and have fun.

When is it ? 
- Session 1 : Every 1st Saturday ( Pioneer Speaker Warrior Club )
( 4.30pm - 6.00pm )

- Session 2 : Every 2nd Sunday ( Power Speaker Warrior Club )

( 1.00pm - 2.30pm )

Contact us at :

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