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Kids Public Speaking  ( 10-Month Program )

Public Speaking.

Stand up and speak up. 

If you feel confidence is important, now is the time to build it.

Do you want your child to experience a breakthrough ?
Do you want them to gain confidence ? 
Do you want to equip them with communication and public speaking skills ?


- Focus Malaysia, April 1 - 7, 2017
60% of employers reject candidates due to poor communication skills. They can't express themselves. 
( Jobstreet 2015 )


- NST.com.my , August 6, 2017
Malaysian students unable, unwilling to speak up


Our program will guide kids step by step.


Let them start now. 
Let them "feel" the stage. 
Let them know what is like to stand up and speak up.

We have been around since 2014, and have impacted the lives of 2000 kids. Join us, and together we make a difference. 

Basically, 10-Month Kids Public Speaking Program will help us find the kids' voice, the things they will discover in themselves through different types of speeches.. 

This monthly program will also ensure they have continuous practice. As they say, being consistent is the most important element in mastering a skill. 


Drop us an email at : KidsPublicSpeaking@gmail.com



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Group discussion and brainstorming activities.

Learning to give feedback and to receive feedback

Projects to foster teamwork and collaboration

Outdoor Stagetime

Live Presentation in front of parents

( Indoor and Outdoor )

Types of Speeches your child will learn.

Fundamentals of Public Speaking

10-Month Program consist of 3 modules, which are : 

Dream Job Module. 

Storytelling Module. 

Brand Ambassador Module

Fun Learning Experience

Kindly fill up the contact form below and we will reply soon. Thank you so much for your interest.